The This Just In, Go Fuck Yourself Card
The This Just In, Go Fuck Yourself Card
Greeting Cards for Assholes

The This Just In, Go Fuck Yourself Card

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This seems to be a polite way to tell people to go fuck themselves. It's kinda like buddy on this card is a news anchor, all dressed fancy-like and everything. And you can tell people are gonna listen. When this guy does the "just wait a minute" thing, you'd best pay attention.

The time is now to stock up on these bad boys and send them out willy nilly to everyone who needs one - which is, to be fair, most people you know.



Paper: Canadian-sourced, high-quality uncoated white linen matte 100 lb card stock. It's smooth with just a little texture and professional as all heck. Everything is sourced from some buds I made on the internet at Pacific Paper Co. in Vancouver.

Size: Standard A2: 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches. 

Envelopes: Brown kraft paper, like the colour of a paper bag you might carry a bottle of booze around in. Also sourced from Pacific Paper Co

Details: Every greeting card from Greeting Cards for Assholes is handmade in Canada with irreverence, a wildly unacceptable sense of humour, and an attitude that could definitely be improved. I print and fold every single card all by myself.

Oh, and all of our cards are empty on the inside, just like us.

Stock up on all our funny, made in Canada greeting cards, and send more mail! It's fun! 

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