Greeting Cards are Bullshit.

But, they're necessary bullshit.

We know that you're always stuck in a position where you have to produce one of these fucking things, or else you're shunned like you're some kind of common criminal.

Greeting Cards for Assholes was founded during the global pandemic of 2020 in response to a problem that had plagued its founder, Adam, for literally thousands of years: a devastating lack of greeting cards on the market today that are appropriate for human beings who have senses of humour. 

Adam, who finds himself hilarious, made it his mission to help fill this void in the world.

Greeting Cards for Assholes are funny and irreverent greeting cards, 100% designed and printed in Canada, with a personality described simultaneously as "delightful," as well as "shitty."

Greeting Cards for Assholes are empty on the inside, just like you. And you won't find plastic packaging anywhere.

Send people mail. Make them laugh. Be better.

We're constantly adding new cards and occasions, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Reach out anytime at

Join us, and share with us on Instagram at @greetingcardsforassholes. 

-Adam, Founder of Greeting Cards for Assholes and Known Idiot. 

We once had to dress up as pirates for a work party. I feel like I nailed it.