The TV Snow Informer Card
The TV Snow Informer Card
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The TV Snow Informer Card

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This is a double pop culture reference. 

And sure, maybe it's a bit obscure, but if you get it, hoooooo boy, do you ever get it.

(See, it's snow like you used to see on your TV screen, and the song title Informer on top of that. Double Snow. It's terrific for a very specific and important demographic.)


Paper: Canadian-sourced, high-quality uncoated white linen matte 100 lb card stock. 

Size: Standard A2: 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches.

Envelopes: Brown kraft paper, like the colour of a paper bag you might carry a bottle of booze around in.

Details: Every greeting card from Greeting Cards for Assholes is handmade in Canada with irreverence, a wildly unacceptable sense of humour, and an attitude that could definitely be improved.

Oh, and all of our cards are empty on the inside, just like us.

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